Thursday, April 16, 2009

Posting my first pic(s)

It has become clear to me that I needed to learn how to include photos with my writing. This one is a photo I took of "Contemplation" by Gail Wetherell -Sack, an acrylic work in the Watermedia Wizards show. I know that photos of visual art, particularly painting, no matter how technically and professionally advanced as photos, are inherently incapable of faithfully reproducing the authentic presence or the real substance of original painted works. I remember thinking, after seeing paintings for the first time in a museum by van Gogh and a Rembrandt, that the pictures in history books were woefully short of the mark in communicating the tactile intensity those painters had mastered. Some paintings are terribly resistant to photographic translation. Still, photos can, even at their worst, offer readers a general enough approximation of the real thing.

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Sue Steiner said...

Oh this is lovely! Thank you for piquing my interest even more in this exhibit.