Monday, March 11, 2013

Let Loose on Seuss

Let Loose On Seuss
By Tom Wachunas

    EXHIBIT: Seuss-talation! Translations Art Gallery, THROUGH MARCH 30, 331 Cleveland Avenue NW,  Works inspired by Dr. Seuss children’s books, featuring art by: Kevin Anderson, Ashley Barlow, Mary Bergherr, Brennis Booth, Joseph Close, Lynn Digby, Marti Jones Dixon, Matthew Doubek, Laurie Fife Harbert, Kelly Rae, June Kucalaba, Megan Mars, Margene May, Pam Neff, Su Nimon, Bobby Rosenstock, Sarah Winther Shumaker, Meghan Stratman, Uncle Dreg, Michele Waalkes, and Mark Yasenchack.

     Nothing too dark, nothing insane, nothing too heavy to burden your brain.  Nothing too gritty, queasy or tragical. It is rather witty, easy and magical!

    Here is a show to tickle and tease, with works wise and fickle, and fond memories. It’s a Seuss celebration of tales bold and clever and in my estimation, they’ll be told forever.

    Many artists are here, 21 concisely, to honor his birthday, March 2 precisely.

    So many looks to command our attention, inspired by books, too many to mention. So here’s just a sprinkling of some playful sights, to give you an inkling of their artful delights.

    You might meet a Who, to tell you the truth. For that you can thank Mister Brennis Booth.

    Joseph Close, with skillful reach, probes the world of the mischievous Sneetch.

    There’s Digby’s hatted cat, brightly serious, and Doubek’s socksy fox, rightly delirious.

    From Kevin Anderson, a circus notion, a real kinetic surprise. There’s circular motion that a push-button supplies.

    Shumaker’s scene is an eye-popping treat, a gleeful memory of Mulberry Street. Meanwhile Mars’s yen for Yertle is a funny green stack of verticle turticles.

    So come in for a while, have a fine rhyme time, get loose with Seuss, and remember your smile.
    Look at this gathering more than a minute or two, or if you’d be rathering, 30 might do.

    And to think that I saw it on Cleveland Avenue.

    PHOTOS (from top): Mixed Memes by Lynn Digby; Fox and Socks by
   Matthew Doubek; No. 1 Mulberry Street, by Sarah Winther Shumaker

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