Friday, August 8, 2014

An Important Message From Craig Joseph

An Important Message from Craig Joseph
    As some of you faithful readers may already know, a fascinating project spearheaded by Craig Joseph, curator of Translations Art Gallery, is soon to be realized. With nothing further from me at the moment, I pass on this email communication (received on Thursday, Aug. 7) from him that contains all the pertinent information. PLEASE read and participate as you are able. Many Thanks,
   Tom Wachunas

   Hello, Art Colleagues and Supporters -
   This week, we started our 30-day fundraising project for one of the biggest undertakings the gallery has ever embarked upon: FRANKENSTEIN: THE PUPPET OPERA.
   As you may know, I've been working on this - on and off - for about three years and it is finally coming to fruition.  Probably the most involved, most original collaboration that the gallery has ever done. Involving artists, composers, writers, actors, puppeteers, designers, musicians and singers.  A team of 30+ folks making something from scratch.
   I'd appreciate any support that you can give. We are trying to raise $6000 in the next month, and a donor will match everything given today.
   If you're able to give, please do so early because we get extra traction and attention from Kickstarter if we have a really strong first week. They will start publicizing the project out to folks around the country.
   Here's where you can read all the details and give:

  Thanks so much – Craig

   Craig Joseph, Curator
   Translations Art Gallery
   331 Cleveland Ave NW
    Canton, OH, 44702

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