Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Looking at women...for a little while longer

Looking at women…for a little while longer

By Tom Wachunas / Canton Museum of Art

   Since my July 4 posting about The Wiles of a Woman exhibit currently on view at Ikon Images Gallery, it feels only right that I should remind you about the In Praise of Women exhibit still up at the Canton Museum of Art (CMA). But time is short, as the last day for viewing is July 23. It’s a marvelous gathering of works from the CMA Permanent collection, and once again, very substantial evidence of that collection’s remarkable variety and depth.

   So with no more from me, here’s the CMA Press Release (from June 9, 2017):  

   In Praise of Women: Works from the Permanent Collection focuses on the many women who are depicted in artwork from the Museum's collection, which is on view now through July 23, 2017. This original CMA curated exhibition features paintings, collages, prints, and more.

   Throughout history, women have been a key subject matter for artists. You'll see one such woman in Andy Warhol's Liz. Warhol was fascinated with Elizabeth Taylor. For him, she was much more than just an actress. She was the survivor of a near-fatal illness, and the ultimate combination of mortality, celebrity, and fame which so fascinated the artist.

   Will Barnet’s drawing of Emily Dickinson is an enigma of solidarity and strength. Barnet saw his wife standing alone on the porch of a summer house in Maine and he was inspired. It was dusk, the figure was silhouetted against the sea. His work over the past decade has dealt with the basic concepts of form, space, and solitary women. Although Dickinson lived in isolation, she challenged the definition of poetry at the time, creating her own version and becoming one of the greatest and most original poets of all time. Emily Dickinson is one of the many female figures depicted in this inspiring exhibition.

   In Praise of Women also includes works by Viola Frey, Francisco Zuniga, Joseph Wagner, Lester Johnson, Roy Lichtenstein, Werner Grohans, and many more.


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   PHOTOS from top: Andy Warhol, Liz, Silkscreen / Lester Johnson, City Scene I, Lithograph / Joseph Raffael, Le Printemps II, watercolor / Phyllis Sloane, Cathy in Grey, Silkscreen / August F. Biehle, Bathers, Watercolor and guache /  Roy Lichtenstein, Crak, Lithograph

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