Friday, June 7, 2024

In the light of gratitude


In the light of gratitude

My Bio, by Patricia Zinsmeister Parker

Sleep It Off, by Joe Ostrowske

Connections of Belonging, by Mary Crane Nutter

Untitled, by Susan Wilkof

Crying in the Light/Illuminated Distress, by Jo Westfall

Embers, by Heather Bullach

Eclipse, by Emily Orsich

By Tom Wachunas 

“The substance of painting is light.” – Andre Derain

“In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.” – Hans Hofmann

“To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist.”  - Robert Schumann 

EXHIBIT: Exploring Light and Darkness – group show featuring work by Emily Orsich, Heather Bullach, Jo Westfall, Joe Ostrowske,Mary Crane Nutter, Patricia Zinsmeister Parker, and Susan Wilkof / at Strauss Studios, 236 Walnut Ave. NE, downtown Canton, Ohio/ Viewing hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 12 – 5pm – Closing reception on Friday June 7, 6-9pm

   Let me cut to the chase. As of this writing, the closing reception for this provocative exhibit is just a few hours away - FRIDAY JUNE 7, 6 – 9p.m. (though I’ve been informed that unsold works will remain on view through June 14).

   With this way-too-late (and short) blog post, beyond commending the remarkable works by all seven artists in this exhibit (most of whom I’ve written about in the past, and some quite extensively), I simply want to go on record as thanking and praising Strauss Studios for the ever-consistent excellence of the contemporary art presented in all its exhibits.

   This venue is an inspiring and impactful resource, indeed a treasure, as it continues to provide vital formal and conceptual depth to Canton’s cultural profile. What resonates most personally for me is its ongoing affirmation of what I like to call the ethos of life enrichment through art. It’s an active continuum of call and response. Art calls us all – makers and viewers alike - to be engaged with the light of being alive. If Strauss Studios isn’t currently on your list of local must-see art destinations, cut to the chase and make it so.