Friday, May 5, 2017

Mom Likes It!

Mom Likes It!

    Here’s a very short notice, but good and important news nevertheless. Thanks very much for your attention. 

   It’s baaack! Gallery 6000, where I’ve been curator since 2009, is once again operational after a (long) facelift hiatus. The room has a bright new look.

  There will be an artists reception (more details below) THIS TUESDAY, MAY 9, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. IF YOU CAN ATTEND THE RECEPTION, PLEASE RSVP to Aleksandar Grahovac, Event Planning Coordinator, – Email:  
   Located in the Conference Center Dining Room on the Kent State University at Stark campus (6000 Frank Avenue NW, North Canton), Gallery 6000 is pleased to announce “Mom Likes It!” This exhibit, on view through Friday, June 9, 2017, features an eclectic gathering of new works by seven Kent Stark Fine Arts students working in Painting III and Painting IV. These artists have been developing their aesthetic concepts and techniques under the steady guidance of Associate Professor of Painting, Jack McWhorter, who writes:

  “Building on the technical, formal, and conceptual abilities students have accumulated in previous classes, Painting III & IV aims to assist students in developing strategies required to begin making work independently. Students are expected to participate in an extremely ambitious and self-directed manner, working on projects outside of class more than they do during scheduled class times. Painting concepts are developed through the practice of consistently gathering source materials and recording personal observations.  This includes literal collection through sketchbooks, photographs, journals, and found objects in addition to less tangible resources such as dreams and memories.  Students are required to work longer on each project, allowing their ideas and interests to fully develop through the process of painting.”

   The participating artists are: Carol Blundell, Mitch Bonifay, Noah DiRuzza, Samuel Dorando, Joe Mayes, Kendall Roudebush, and Robert Shultz.

   PHOTOS, from top: Emulsion, by Noah DiRuzza; Asteroids, by Robert Shultz; Moths of Resurrection, by Mitch Bonifay

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